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(LPS) Lean Production Building Kit System 0.0.616.46 - Profile 6 - Part Catalog

Simple handling is the key feature of LPS and delivers maximum cost efficiency through continuous improvements in manufacturing processes. It is made possible by non-machined connections, simple joining, and a forgiving design principle. The freedom and flexibility of a tubing system coupled with the item Building Kit System results in a diverse range of possible combinations. Giving you the ultimate flexibility for turning your ideas into reality.

The components deliver exceptional performance – significantly lighter than steel designs but still stable, thanks to the benefits of profiled tubes. Fastenings can be implemented anywhere – in the perfect position and at any angle. Furthermore, support of the item Profiles 6 and 8 groove enables users to take advantage of the wide range of accessories in the item Building Kit System.  

LPS Profiles 

LPS Fasteners

LPS Fasteners

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Profile 6 D30, natural
Item No. 0.0.616.46