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Custom Engineering Services

Turn your ideas into reality. From sketch to installation, you're in good hands.

Not looking for an off the shelf product? Need something unique, or just want to modify a product in the store? Custom is no problem for item West.

Make the most of our knowledge and experience when carrying out your projects.
We are happy to offer advice and practical support from the planning stage right through to implementation, all in line with your requirements.

Level 1

Raw Materials 

Level 2


Level 3

Fully Assembled

Kitting, Machining & Assembly

item West offers several different ways to serve the needs of our customers:

  1. Raw Materials - Do it yourself.   
    Standard sized aluminum extrusion and fasteners can be purchased so that you can do your own machining and assembly.                                                                                                    

  2. Kitted - Cut, machined, and shipped to you.
    We assist in the design and engineering as well as cut and machine aluminum extrusion to specific sizes and then ship to you with necessary fasteners as a construction kit with assembly instructions. You can then assemble onsite.

  3. Fully Assembled - Off the truck and into production .
    Fully engineered solution arrives completely assembled and ready for use and installation.

  4. Onsite Installation - Sub assembled or kitted solution assembled on site .
    item West employees will arrive onsite at your location and provide full on site assembly, installation, and site services.